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Using our ground penetrating radars, we can locate:

Scanning and Locating Underground Services - Perth

The team at Western Scanning Services Pty Ltd has been in the construction industry for over 20 years.

We have experience on many of Western Australia's mine sites and currently work with some of Australia's leading construction companies to find safe and effective ways of locating concealed services.

We utilise specialised equipment, along with Ground Penetrating Radars to identify underground services, as well as items of interest within concrete structures, such as re-bar, pre/post tension cables, electrical conduits and cavities or voids.

We are an experienced team and we are dedicated to finding a safe and efficient way of servicing our clients.

Quality Assurance Inspection of slabs,
walls and floors

Location of re-bars, pre/post tension
cables and conduits in slabs

Identifying the thickness of the concrete structure or slab

and more

At Western Scanning Services we take safety very seriously

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