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Safety Management

At Western Scanning Services PTY LTD we take safety very seriously. The health, safety and wellbeing of our team, customers and the public at large is our highest priority.

To achieve a sustainable safe environment in our undertakings as a business we have built a comprehensive Occupational Health and Safety Management system with periodic internal auditing and record keeping systems built in. This is not only to have a mechanism  to help us work in the safest manner possible, but to ensure we comply with the current OSH ACT 1984 and OSH Regulations 1996.

At the commencement of each project or undertaking we issue a JHA (Job Hazard Analysis) to our customer and any other stake holder that may be affected and encourage them to add any items they feel are applicable to their particular work site.

When we arrive on site we then proceed to itemise in a (SWMS) Safe Work Method Statement, the method in which we plan to carry out the works. This helps us and our customers to run through the task and identify any other ways we might be able to eliminate any risks, before, during and after the works are completed.

While the work is being undertaken we use a system called Take Three, typically after a break from the task or if the work environment changes, we take three minutes to write down three items that are a hazard in our work area, this helps our team to remain focused on completing the task safely.

If you have not received our JHA before we arrive on site, or would like more information on how we manage safety at Western Scanning Services PTY LTD don’t hesitate to contact one of our team, who will be happy to help.

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At Western Scanning Services we take safety very seriously

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