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Concrete Scanning


Western Scanning provide what no one else in in Perth is able to. Using our Ground Penetrating Radar technology, sometimes called Concrete X-Ray, our high trained technical team are able to locate and identify electrical cables, re-bar, pre/post tension cables and conduits in concrete slabs, beams and pillars and other concrete structures.

Profile showing rebar

Figure 1: Profile showing metal rebar

Western Scanning utilises state of the art equipment from GSSI and MALA and offer GPR Concrete Scanning in a safe and timely manner.

Scanner and scanning guide

Figure 2: Ground Penetrating Radar scanner and scanning guide

These tools combined with our experience allow us to provide a broad range of concrete scanning services including:

  • Location of safe areas to drill, cut or demolish
  • Determination of the location and depth of steel reinforcement (re-bar), pre and post tension cables, embedded metallic or plastic conduits in concrete slabs, walls or structural members
  • Quality Assurance inspections of slabs, walls and floors that identify areas of delamination, tanking, honeycombing, cracking and voids
  • Determination of wall, beam or slab thickness
  • Structural inspections – support columns, pillars, beams, bridges, monuments, walls, towers, tunnels and balconies
  • Identification of defects or damage below the concrete surface (voids and fractures)
  • Pre-purchase inspections – Inspect key structural features prior to buying or selling
  • Condition assessments – map relative concrete condition for rehabilitation planning
  • NATA Accredited Lab testing

Western Scanning uses Ground Penetrating Radar because this non-destructive evaluation technique of the concrete structure will preserve the structural integrity of the building, leaving no mark or damage through having been performed.

Scanning wall

Figure 3: A member of our technical team using a GSSI scanner on a wall

Ground Penetrating Radar technology allows us to deliver both 2D and 3D imaging for clients, by utilising subsurface reflections to determine the condition and thickness of the material being examined. These very advanced devices and associated software allow Western Scanning to swiftly visualise the interior of concrete and where required, generate 3D representation that assist our technical team to assess the size, spacing and cover over the re-bar and see other services, features and defects.

Scanning concrete to generate 3D imagery

Figure 4: Scanning concrete to generate 3D imagery of the interior

Our professional GPR technical team uses detailed mapping diagrams and software to provide reliable real-time data for clients who need to evaluate the strength of, cut out or core drill through concrete structures.

Hire us to perform the concrete scanning and subsurface inspections on your next project. Western Scanning are accredited locaters with or for:


concrete scanning

Concrete Scanning

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